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Heather Loftis and "Willow" from Birmingham, AL

"We are so happy we found Pauden English Cocker Spaniels.  Our Willow is the sweetest most laid back pup.  Willow has been a very quick learner. On school days, Willow can hear the school bus coming towards our street and so she runs and waits by the front door for our kids to come in.  Her sweet gestures warm our hearts. She is such a crucial part to our family and we can’t imagine how boring life was before her.  
Thank you Pauden ECS for filling our home with the cutest floppy ears and love!"

The Loftis Family  3/9/19


Kristen Ning Chou and "Moses" from Washington, DC

"I just wanted to let you know that Moses is doing so well and he is so loved. He's growing up very quickly and loves to play fetch and cuddle. I am forever grateful to you! "

Kristen Ning Chou
Washington, DC 


Brandy Lopez-Cuadras and "Theodore" from Concord CA

"My family wanted to let you know how happy we are with our dog! Our sweet boy Theodore has brought a lot of happiness to our home. He has become the center of attention and everyone he meets falls in love with him! He truly is a blessing and we are so grateful to you for this little angel."  

The Lopez Family 


Art & Joan Mahan and "Daisy" from Iron River, WI

"We named our puppy Daisy, and she is simply wonderful! Having had 3 English cockers before her, we knew what to expect in temperament, etc. But Daisy is the easiest to train puppy we have ever had. She has such a sweet disposition and is clearly very eager to please, learns fast, has a very gentle mouth, and is doing very well with house-training, walking on a leash, etc. We are certain that you had a big influence in this, and are guessing that you must have done some crate-training and other puppy training techniques as they were needed. She clearly had a wonderful start on socialization! Of our 4 English cockers, you are the first breeder who did not crop the tail, and we are so glad that you offer to have the puppy accompanied instead of shipped in cargo. Thank you for doing such a good job with her. We are already strongly bonded with Daisy, and looking forward to many precious years together."

 The Mahan Family (2/12/2019)