Our Boys..


Meet Kristoff, we imported him from Hungry in 2018. He has never met a stranger. He loves all other dogs. He loves to be in the water. He is about 30 lbs and 16 inches at the shoulder. This boy loves to eat! 


Beau was bred by us here at Pauden English Cockers. His mom is Lotti, which is on of our dogs we use as a therapy dog. Drifter his dad, was a hunter, he could chase down everything.  He is mild mannered and loving. He is very bonded with Jaimee. He perfers to be the only male dog in the household. He loves to cuddle. Beau loves to go on walks, and likes to go to the lake. He loves to ride in the car. He would definately chase a cat if he was given the chance. 


Joker is the smallest of our males, only weighing about 25lbs. He came out of a kennel in Budapest, Hungary. He is by far the sweetest most loving boy we own. He really likes water and often you will see him with a toy or a ball in his mouth. I can not even remember a time when he growled. He is a little shy with new people, but adores his family. He's a family boy. He likes to be in the water. He loves to go on walks. 


Kharon came from Romanian bloodlines. He is small, being only about 28lbs. He is 15 inches at the shoulders. He is more cautious meeting new poeple, but once he knows you its all love. He is a spectacular athlete. He could run for hours. He likes to go on hikes. He would definately chase any small animals he could find. He is a love bug, and loves to be on the couch curled up. You can frequently see him with a toy in his mouth. 

Our Girls....