Available Puppies

We have several litters planned for 2023.   

We are located in Seneca, South Carolina.   


To join our waiting list, fill out our application. 


Please be complete with your application, the more info you give us, the better chance you have at a puppy.


We do not go by first come first serve, we carefully look at the applications and choose based on the best fit.


We typically choose families for the puppies when they are 5-6 weeks of age. 


 I'm sorry but we do not have time to review and call everyone on our list. We try to respond to every text and email, but keep in mind we work full time jobs and have children, please be patient with us. 


Thank you! 


Please feel free to email Jaimee at paudenecs@gmail.com, should you have any questions. 

(not available, past puppy)

(not available, past puppy)

(not available, past puppy)