Welcome to Pauden English Cockers

Here at Pauden English Cockers we are firmly committed to breeding the International style English Cocker that will become your family member and best friend.
We wish to produce a merry, small to medium sized dog with a good temperament, willing partner and faithful companion. Our English Cockers are happiest when they are with their people and never make a good outside dog. We often refer to our dogs as a big dog in a little dog package, as they tend to have a more laid back temperament, like a larger breed dog. We strive for females to be 15 to 16 inches and weigh 26-32 lbs and our males to be 16 to 17 inches and weigh 28-34 lbs.

Pauden English Cocker Spaniels is  a small kennel located in Seneca, South Carolina just a little over two hours from Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA and Columbia, SC.  The kennel name Pauden came from Jaimee's maiden name and her sons last name Paul; Paul and Barden .. Pau den, which sounds like Pawden. We are a small in home kennel, we work full time other jobs and have kids that are in school. Please be patient with us, we try and answer texts, calls and emails as fast as we can. 

Bench Versus Field Type...

The English Cocker Spaniel is a loving, affectionate and laid-back dog. They are intelligent, quick to learn and good-natured family dogs.
There are two types of English Cocker spaniels, Bench Bred and Field Bred. The Bench bred is the "show" type, they have longer hair, a more laid back temperament and have longer faces. The field bred have shorter coats, more energy and have a high drive and are more of a working type dog.
In the years I have been breeding English Cockers, we have been working to carefully select our sires and dams to better the next generation in temperament and to preserve the original international look of the English Cocker.

All our dogs are AKC